A short story

Ban on MDN is a test for Maldivian democracy

A coauthor of a critical Maldivian Democracy Network report on why the organisation was banned in the country.

On the feats and failings of Southasia’s attempts at regulating water.

A new book profiles individuals who participated in the 2002 anti-Muslim Gujarat pogroms.

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Redefining the secular mode for India

India needs to own its historical secularism, rather than reject it as an alien concept, to move the country towards more just governance.

| Jan 15, 2013

Lady liberty and the ethnic cauldron

Aung San Suu Kyi will have to tackle the challenge of defining a viable nation-state while responding to the multiple assertions of identity and autonomy within Burma.

| Jun 29, 2012

The dissident pleasures of pornography

Pornography demands an examination of the contradictions between our sexual lives and yearnings.

| Sep 09, 2009